Centralized air conditioning and ventilation

ENCOM Construction is the official representative of Toshiba and Carrier, for the sale of centralized air conditioning systems VRV, Chiller and others. The very concept of “air conditioning” includes the creation and maintenance of more or less automated set temperature parameters of air in closed (from the effects of “street” air) rooms to create optimal conditions for ensuring:

• human life

• conditions for normal operation of the equipment

• safety of materials

The range of types and types of air conditioners is quite wide. And although the boundaries separating the various models of conditioners are sometimes very conditional, however, they exist:

1. For air conditioning of premises ranging from 80 m² to 300 m², semi-industrial air conditioners are used - class PAC (Packaged Air Condition). These air conditioning systems usually include all split systems of channel, cassette, floor and ceiling type with a capacity of more than 6 kW (according to some classifiers - more than 8 kW). Once the power of the air conditioners is higher, then it is possible to remove the external unit at a sufficient distance; many models (standard) are also equipped with protection devices for conditioning at negative external temperatures

2. For centralized air conditioning of large areas (buildings or a number of rooms) using a single air conditioning and ventilation system (SCR), it is used industrial models of air conditioners (Unitary). These include systems with a capacity of over 20-25 kW