Construction and relocation of gas pipelines on highways

The microtunneling method is used for laying underground utilities that provide the utility needs of residential and industrial buildings (water supply, heat supply, gas supply, sewerage, etc.). Construction of cases for laying electric cable lines, laying pipelines under the runways of airfields, road lanes of federal highways and railways, connecting communications to objects located in the center of reservoirs, etc. as a method of trenchless laying of communications, microtunneling allows to reduce production costs by 2.5-3 times due to a significant reduction in the volume of land works (only two pits are required – the starting and receiving ones) and by eliminating the cost of landscape restoration.

It is also important that the laying of communications by microtunneling requires much less time, because the penetration is fast enough - 10-15 m. per day. At the same time, sedimentary rocks are practically absent (they do not exceed 10 mm per day). In tight conditions - in water - saturated soils or rocks, as well as in buildings, the presence of already laid communications, objects of cultural, environmental, and social value - microtunneling becomes the only solution.