About Us

ENCOM Construction

For 11 years of its activity in the field of construction of administrative buildings, concrete-cast structures and iron structures, microtunnels, engineering networks and communications, and projects of centralized air conditioning and ventilation systems, ENCOM Construction has turned into a large construction trust with a professional staff and a high-tech base of construction and special equipment, as well as three production bases in Baku and in nearby cities. The strategic priority for the company's management has always been advanced technologies and effective engineering solutions to complex construction tasks, in the shortest possible time. The company "ENCOM Construction" has the necessary certificates and State licenses to perform all types of construction work included in the scope of our activities. The company owns 2 plants for the production of asphalt and one for the production of concrete.

All 3 plants are equipped with the latest German and Italian equipment that meets the requirements of the European standard. "ENCOM Construction" uses special equipment, high-quality welding equipment from a European manufacturer. Dozens of professional builders and engineers with experience in the construction sector from 7 to 35 years work on the construction sites and in the company's offices.

ENCOM Construction also has extensive experience working abroad (Ukraine, Turkey, Georgia, Russia, Kazakhstan and Moldova). We are an official dealer in Azerbaijan for sales of centralized air conditioning systems of “Toshiba" Company. On the company's balance sheet, there are many quarries for the extraction of raw materials, later used for the production of construction materials. The development of sports and martial arts among young people is also one of the company's priorities.

Quality Control and Insurance Policy

Quality control
There is an action plan prior to the start of production in order to reduce environmental damage during work. The plan includes environmental measures:
• Minimum waste limit
• Timely repair of equipment to meet environmental requirements
• Transportation and storage of fuels and lubricants
• Recycling used lubricants
• Storage of building materials
• Use of residual materials
• Transportation to a recycling center
• Prevention of pollution of water sources
• Fire fighting measures
• Noise reduction in settlements

Insurance policy
Construction insurance covers all construction equipment and property in case of damage, theft, fire and the influence of weather conditions. For workers at the construction site, full liability is defined, which covers medical and legal expenses and the subsequent payment of compensation to workers. The corporate insurance policy of ENCOM Construction, as a rule, is based on cooperation with one of the largest insurance companies in the country – International Insurance Company (IIC).